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SOMIC Company Profile 


Established in 1998, SOMIC Industrial Co., Ltd. is a modern group which integrates production, development and sales into one. As one of the earliest professional manufacturers of headphone in China, it is also one of the headphone manufacturers which have achieved great success in developing the international market.


 Staffed with more than 3000 employees, the group currently has two production bases (SOMIC and Yulian), which are located in Shantou and Dongguan of Guangdong. The production bases are equipped with modern production equipment and complete auxiliary facilities; meanwhile, full streamline closed production and automatic testing and analysis system are adopted. The group has passed ISO9001 (2008) certification, CE certification (European Certification System), GS certification (Germany Certification system) and FCC's international security certification etc.



Somic electronic in Shantou city   


Yulian electronic in Dongguan city


The production bases of Somic and Yulian are mainly produce high technology headphone products, the use of existing plant area is more than 20000 square meters, making R & D, engineering, driver and cable production, injection molding, assembly, jet printing, quality control as a whole. Included with 13 automatic assembly lines, the output is about two million sets of headphones per month, it sets up injection molding workshop, injector screen printing workshop, loudspeaker workshop, beer line workshop, blister workshop, as well as assembly workshop, The production base is worth billions of dollars of modern workshops and advanced production equipment (injection molding machines, automatic spray line, pad printing machine, high-frequency machine, ultrasonic machine, blister machine etc), with perfect quality system and inspection equipment (caliper, multimeter, audio scanners, polarity analogue, oscilloscope/transportation vibration tester, drop test machine, salt spray testing machine, constant temperature and humidity experiment box, the standard for color light boxes, line swing test machine, electro-acoustic devices test Miriam, etc.), it is the modern manufacturing center.

  (Gaming and DJ headphone assembling line)





“SOMIC” has became a well-known brand among audiovisuals and computer peripheral products in China, which takes the first place in terms of market share for 12 consecutive years. It was awarded the title “Guangdong Famous Trademark” at the end of 2006. Meanwhile, it wins “Most Popular Brand among Readers Award”, “Preferred Brand”, “Best Marketing Award” and “Ten-year Excellent Product Award” in successive years. Its products are sold in more than 200 countries and areas.


The company lays great emphasis on its cultural construction. With unique and vivid cultural characteristics, SOMIC has won consistent recognition from both insiders and outsiders of the industry. “SOMIC Pictorial”, established by the company, is a new spectacular scene in the industry.


First-class management concept, farsighted strategic thinking, excellent service awareness, perfect product design and firm faith in brand development is the footstone for SOMIC to achieve continuous development and make innovations. In the context of continuous development of science and technology today, SOMIC Digital and Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., adhering to the principle of “Credibility Centric, Quality First”, will endeavors to build a world famous brand and make contributions for the development of the society and the electronic industry!


Based on the domestic market and taking a broad view of the world, SOMIC actively participates in international competition and courageously meets severe challenges. The company has set up more than 50 agencies in Eastern Europe, Middle South Asia and America, and its products are sold in more than 200 counties, including the USA, Germany, UK and South Korea etc.

Paying attention to the overall situation and standing on a strategically advantageous position endows the internationalized eyeshot of SOMIC, gives birth to its internationalized products and forms its internationalized brand image.